Dog Training

Manners without the Mayhem

In-Person areas served: South Tampa, Downtown Tampa and Nearby Tampa Suburbs.

Other locations gladly supported via interactive, online lessons over Zoom.

New or old...

your dog’s behavior can be confusing and frustrating.

I’m here to help.

  • Puppies, problem-solving or skills: let me help you enjoy your dog.

  • Customized, private lessons in the comfort of your home. In person or remotely, with you or for you.

  • Certified, Professional Dog Training With Lifetime Support

I’ll help you get Manners without the Mayhem

“He is a whole new dog.”

“Toby would lunge at other dogs on walks. Just after 3 sessions he is a whole new dog.”

Marcia G.

Dog Training Programs


Manners Without the Mayhem



New or expecting


Our 6-Pack Puppy Program is for you!

What we can help with:

  • “Potty” training…housebreaking

  • Puppy nipping or biting

  • Crate training (it’s not punishment)

  • Basics

  • Impulse control

  • Environment

  • Problem solving

It’s not too early or late to start!

Problems &

Basic Obedience

Need basic dog training or problem-solving?

Our 4, 5 or 6-Lesson Programs are customized to your needs

What we can help with:

  • Reactivity around other dogs, people, cars...

  • Pulling on walks

  • Over-excited greetings

  • Shyness, fear

  • Barking

  • Jumping

We love all ages and breeds!

Service Dog


Need service dog training or coaching help?

We provide coaching, guidance and skills training

What we can help with:

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Mobility

  • Lessons on life with a service dog

*professional training or certification is not required by law in order to be a service dog handler (disability required)

If you are a veteran with PTSD, you may qualify for free training.

"..didn't bark at all...I couldn't believe it"

We saw Winnie yesterday, Daisy ran right over and didn't bark at all. (Winnie's mom) and I couldn't believe it.

Ann N.

Dog Training Formats

In-Person Dog Training

Day Training

After a knock at the door in this Day Training lesson, Lola doesn't bark, but goes to 'place' in herTampa high-rise.

In-Person Day Training:

I Train For You!

I train your dog while you go about your day (or stay and watch). You only need to be present for the transfer lessons to let me show you how to maintain your dog's new skills. (Three week minimum).

  • Ideal for basic and advanced skills

  • Ideal for busy dog parents who want to expedite training.

  • Ideal for dog parents who want board and train (bootcamp) efficiency but don't want to send their dog away.

  • *Available for Harbour Island, Davis Islands and South Tampa

Weekly Training

Jethro impresses his mom with his newly mastered calm greeting in this in-person lesson.

In-Person Weekly:

We train together

We work together, typically once a week for about 45 minutes for a series of 4, 5 or 6 lessons. I teach you concepts. I teach your dog skills. I coach the two of you as you practice.

  • Ideal for basic skills, advanced skills, reactive dogs

  • Ideal for busy dog parents who want to start practicing with hteir dog immediately

  • Ideal for dog parents who want to learn the process of training and communication with their dog

  • Ideal for dog parents who want to participate in training from day one and learn along with their dog

"I'd prefer to do virtual sessions in the future"

I wasn't sure how I'd like doing virtual sessions with my pup, but I ended up really loving it!! In fact, I'd prefer to do virtual sessions in the future. I will definitely be back for when we're ready to do therapy dog training! 😊

K. Smith

Remote Dog Training

Remote: Interactive Coaching

Dog training lesson using Zoom.

Instruction, demonstration and coaching.

Together, we Zoom then you get back to your day!

You learn the concepts and watch me demonstrate, then I coach you through the exercises with your dog.

Great for those of you who want to see your dog succeed with you first!
Also good for shy dogs or dogs who need time to adjust to a stranger in their space.

(I didn’t meet this ace in person until a month or so after we completed lessons.

She is amazing!)

How It Works:

  • We meet online.

  • Lessons follow the same format as in-person lessons:

    • You learn concepts

    • I demonstrate (with my dog)

    • I coach you as you practice with your dog

  • Ideal for working basic skills, learning key concepts and working on technique.

  • Also perfect for shy dogs and dogs who struggle with being left alone.

  • All the benefits of a trainer for you, without the distraction for your dog.

Remote: Video Coaching

Coaching video sent to help a frustrated puppy parent with nipping challenges. The solution? Changing a hand movement.

We exchange videos.

You train your dog with dedicated professional assistance.

Great for those of you who find it hard to fit training in on a schedule.
Also good for DIY dog-parents who want help with a training or behavior snag.

You do your part whenever it suits your schedule.
I send you coaching videos, you send me practice videos. Repeat.

Videos are returned to you edited with custom coaching comments right in the video.

How It Works:

  • You send short videos of your training challenges.

  • I return fully edited video with coaching points to assist in refining techniques so you can get the results you want without a traditional lesson.

  • Ideal for DIY dog parents who want professional, tailored dog training guidance.

  • Ideal for parents who prefer to do their own training without being locked into classes or a schedule.

"I could sing praises about Ann for the rest of my life"

I did a ton of research before contacting her because the first people I had train my dog almost ruined my relationship with him along with physically hurt him… I could sing praises about Ann for the rest of my life

V. Medina

On-Demand Online Courses

Potty Perfect - Your Quick On-Demand Mini Course for Potty Spot Training

Puppy Bites -

Your Quick On-Demand Mini-Course for No Puppy Biting

Great Greetigns! - Your Quick On-Demand Mini Course for Calmer Greetings

Potty Perfect - Your Quick On-Demand Mini Course to Better Leash Walking

Video Reviews & FAQs

How do Virtual Training Lessons Work? Really Well!

Video-Specific Dog Training Reviews:

"...after the first training session, I was hooked!

10/10 would recommend!"

Decided to commit to some dog training during the whole COVID-19 fiasco seeing that I am home all the time and I am SO GLAD I DID! Charles needed the extra time & effort and that's all I had to give now. Wasn't exactly sure how the long distance video-only training was going to go but after the first training session, I was hooked! The zoom calls gave us no issue and it was like she was actually right there in person. Ann is very pleasant, enthusiastic, and personable! She uses her adorable little bulldog, George, as a demo to help me get an understanding of what she means for certain tricks/commands and there's truly no learning barriers at all. Proud to say Charles is catching on quick! I look forward to our training sessions. 10/10 would recommend!

E.A. David

"HIGHLY effective training though Zoom! Yes, Zoom! ...IT DEFINITELY WORKS"

ANN is AMAZING! If you are looking for a professional, friendly, caring, and effective trainer for your dog - LOOK NO FURTHER! She SAVED MY LIFE or at least my sanity...with my puppy! I was losing my mind because I didn’t know what to do to get her to consistently listen and everything had shut down because of the pandemic! ANN TO THE RESCUE! It is unconventional, but HIGHLY effective training though Zoom! Yes, Zoom! The BEAUTY of it all...she demonstrates with her dog and then has you demonstrate until you are doing the exercise correctly so that you can continue to train afterwards. AND IT DEFINITELY WORKS, but you have to do the work throughout the week...much like anything else! It seems like magic, at least to me, but you still have to do the work! ANd she equips you with so much information, it’s amazing and provides you will follow up handouts to use later, if necessary! She only schedules as you need it, and is Very flexible and for the results very well priced...possibly underpriced! I could write pages on how THANKFUL I am to her and training ME on what I was doing wrong so mine and my puppies lives are much more enjoyable and if I need her, I know she’s just a phone/text/email away! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HER! This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, and value.

Julia A.

"He actually seems more relaxed in our home environment"

With the current COVID-19 measures in place, Ann has been able to work with us virtually and our 14 week old puppy. He actually seems more relaxed in our home environment and Ann was able to demonstrate everything with her dog, George. Can't wait for our next session!

Katherine T.



IT’S CONVENIENT! No traffic, no prepping your house for an in-home trainer visit.  

IT’S EFFECTIVE! Especially for shy dogs who take time warming up to strangers, or reactive dogs that need inside practice before taking on new people or places, and for building skills where a person's presence disrupts the training. for example, if you need to be away from your dog – in another room or outside, video allows the trainer to watch your dog and communicate with you in real time without either of you being a distraction.

IT’S SAFE!  Concerned about germs or viruses? Feeling good but have to isolate? You can train effectively right where you are without anyone else coming into your home.

IT’S GEOGRAPHICALLY INDEPENDENT!  Not local?  Going away with your dog but want to do your lesson?  Have a family member or friend you want to attend the training too, but they can’t be where you are?  Join a video lesson from anywhere there’s a good internet connection.


Through online sessions alone, my students have learned basic and advanced skills like: Sit, Down, Stay, Bring, Leave-it, Wait at the Door, Wait for Food, Leash-Walking/Heel, Come, Touch, High-five, Shake, games like Find-It and Treat Forage, handling and dismissing distractions (no bark, no jump), crate work and calming separation stress. 

My human students have learned key training foundations like reinforcement, communication, understanding dog body language and how to train for and work around distractions as well as puppy and training fundamentals.


A typical online video lesson looks a lot like an in-person lesson (minus me having to convince your dog that you also have ‘magic’ after I've been working with them😊).

  1. I instruct you on a concept and give you step-by-step instruction on the skill you’re going to work on with your dog. 

  2. You get screen-shares of pertinent videos or handouts as we talk.

  3. I demonstrate the skill for you with my dog so you can see how it’s done (as many times as you want.)

  4. When you're ready to try it on your own, I coach you as you perform the same technique with your dog.

  5. I look for and guide you on body language and technique and adjust guidance as needed until you’re successful.I send you written follow-up recap and practice guidance.


A laptop

Smart phone or tablet with a camera

Internet service 


I’ll guide you through the setup and we’ll discuss and work through any items that may present difficulty for you.  While video works well for most people, there are a few instances where it isn’t the best solution or isn’t preferred.  If that’s the case for you, we’ll work on an in-home solution or a referral. More often, a blend of video and in-person is a good solution.  It allows you and your dog to learn key foundations and see success before practicing in real-world situations.


Don't take my word for it, take a look at my video clients’ reviews on this page. They are specific to the online video dog training we did.


Yes!  I have on-demand mini-courses you can purchase and access right now.

I also offer a slightly more hands-on on-demand option via Video Coaching, which is a slightly more interactive, but still on-demand option built specifically for you to suit your needs.

ON-DEMAND MINI COURSES: Each mini course runs 20 minutes or less and is full of simple steps and tips to help your dog build better manners without the mayhem.

  • POTTY PERFECT is an online on-demand mini-course available for immediate purchase and access from the training tab. It provides simple and specific guidance to housebreak your puppy quickly.

  • GREAT GREETINGS! is an online on-demand mini-course available for immediate purchase and access from the training tab. It provides specific, simple guidance for helping your dog to calmer greetings.

  • LEASH WALKING is an online on-demand course available for immediate purchase and access. Learn how to teach your dog to walk nicely on the leash without yanking or popping.

  • PUPPY BITES! helps puppy-parents handle one of the most common puppy challenges - those teeth

VIDEO COACHING is a hybrid of short on-demand instructional videos and remote coaching.  Once we determine what you want to learn or teach your dog, I send you instructional videos and written guidance for you to work at your own pace. You send me videos of your practice so I can coach you through successful execution of the skill.

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