Dog Training is a

2-way conversation

I'll help you translate.

Choose your format: In Person or Remote


In-Home Dog Training (with you)

& Day Training Options (for you)

Too busy to attend? Want faster results? No problem!

I can train with you or for you.


On -Demand Dog Training

& Video Coaching

DIY Dog Training, with professional benefits.

Custom support from your personal coach.

"WOW what we learn in under an hour is priceless!!!

"We were so excited after this session that I was giddy 😂

Just knowing we are on the right track is one thing but WOW what we learn in under an hour is priceless!!!


You love your dog...

She's family...

He's the cutest puppy in the world...

You love your dog, but you're so over...

  • The barking...

  • The jumping...

  • The pulling...

  • Those puppy teeth...

  • Stressful walks...

  • Always saying "No!"...

  • Your frustration...

  • Your embarrassment...

  • Feeling helpless...

  • Not knowing what to do

"He was unmanageable before and now has excellent behavior"

"We truly couldn't have done it without the training you did with him. He was unmanageable before and now has excellent behavior."

AnnE C.

Picture your dog...

Picture yourself...

  • Listening to you

  • Not pulling

  • Not jumping

  • Calmer, happier

  • Not barking incessantly

  • Walking with you

  • Looking forward to walks

  • Feeling capable

  • Not making excuses for your dog's behavior

  • Understanding your dog

  • Relaxed and happy

Because you

know what

to do

"I ended up really loving [virtual sessions]!"

I wasn't sure how I'd like doing virtual sessions with my pup, but I ended up really loving it!! In fact, I'd prefer to do virtual sessions in the future. I will definitely be back for when we're ready to do therapy dog training!

K. Smith

Let's make it real, together

Your devotion to your dog's training & well-being

My experience, education and compassion

Our commitment to your continued success

Your Dog’s eagerness to learn & thrive

You and your dog get...

Manners without the Mayhem, in the comfort of your own home

NO Scolding, shocking, yelling or yanking – EVER!

Positive Reinforcement: Treats, Toys, Praise, Reward

Private, Customized Lessons & Personal Coaching

Compassionate and effective teaching

Certified, Professional Dog Trainer

Lifetime support, fun lessons, skills for a lifetime

"A-Ha!" Moments in training

August learns how to wait instead of running to the visitor.

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