Dog Training is a

2-way conversation

I'll help you translate.

How Do You Want Your Training?

In-Person Services: South Tampa, Downtown Tampa and Nearby Tampa Suburbs.

Other locations gladly supported via interactive, online lessons over Zoom.

In Person

In-Home Dog Training (with you)

Concierge Day Training (for you)

Participate in every lesson and learn with your dog, or

let me do the preliminary training for you and

show you how to keep it going!


On -Demand Dog Training

& Self-Paced Video Coaching

Super short, easy-to-follow video lessons

with the option for personal support

from a professional dog training coach.

"WOW what we learn in under an hour is priceless!!!

"We were so excited after this session that I was giddy 😂

Just knowing we are on the right track is one thing but WOW what we learn in under an hour is priceless!!!


Your Dog

Your Best Friend

Your Family

They deserve the best. And so do you.

No one enjoys

  • Frantic or stressful walks

  • Incessant barking or jumping

  • Being pulling

  • Puppy bites (except puppies)

  • Frustration

  • Shocks, pinches, pain or discomfort

Whether you're changing old habits, facing new challenges or

simply starting off on the right foot,

I'll help you get

"Manners Without the Mayhem"

No shocking, pinching, yanking or force.

You don't need it,

Your dog doesn't need it,

I don't need it.

I won't teach you that way,

We won't teach your dog that way.

Modern Training Solutions: No Shocking, Yelling, or Force Required

Discover a revolutionary approach to dog training that prioritizes compassion and understanding. Forget about outdated methods that rely on bullying, dominating, shocking, pinching, "popping," and force.

I believe in a gentler, more effective approach.

With my expertise, there's no need for harsh tactics that can cause physical or psychological harm or simply mask your dog's feelings.

I understand that you and your beloved companion deserve better.

That's why I refuse to teach you or your dog in any way that goes against our core values of kindness and respect.

Experience the difference

of a training program that focuses on creating a positive bond between you and your four-legged friend. A bond based on trust and understanding not fear or submission.

Choose a trainer who values your pet's well-being as much as you do.

Together, we'll embark on a positive journey towards a well-behaved and happy dog.

Get results

Ask my students about theirs! (and check out the videos at the bottom of this page)

Let's transform your dog's behavior, the way you train your dog, and your relationship!

"He was unmanageable before and now has excellent behavior"

"We truly couldn't have done it without the training you did with him. He was unmanageable before and now has excellent behavior."

AnnE C.

Picture your dog...

Picture yourself...

  • Listening to you

  • Happy and responsive

  • Quieter

  • Calmer

  • Walking with you

  • Not pulling

  • Loving walks with your dog

  • Capable

  • Confident

  • Connected to your dog

  • Relaxed

(Wilson sits (and smiles) for attention!)

Because you know what to do

"...watching them improve and listen to our commands has been amazing."

Ann is a phenomenal trainer. I can’t say enough good things about her. When we started our training, our dogs preferred to march to the beat of their own drum. Watching them improve and listen to our commands has been amazing.

If you are looking for a kind, patient trainer that teaches you how to reward and praise your dogs, reach out to her for help. Our dogs loved her immediately and were always so excited when she’d walk through the door.

Some of what Ann was able to help us with were manners, not running to the door, barking and jumping up on others, teaching our rescue dog that people aren’t scary and learning to say hello on her terms, leash walking without us being pulled, not having the dogs under your feet while in the kitchen, heeling and leash walking.

These were the things we felt were most important for our dogs but I love that she took the time to listen and create a lesson plan based on their current behavior and our goals. She’s always available to further assist and check in and goes above and beyond. Thank you so much Ann for all you have done to help our dogs!

Tracy W.

How it works

Manners without the Mayhem, in the comfort of your own home.


Schedule your free consult call to discuss your training goals and how we'll get you there.


Together, we decide what training path fits best for you and your dog.


I send your custom training plan, you schedule lessons, and we start transforming your dog!

Better behavior, calmer Dog, happier You.

Positive learning experience.

Let's make it real, together

Your devotion to your dog's training & well-being

My experience, education and compassion

Your Dog’s eagerness to learn & thrive

Our commitment to your success

You (and your dog) get...

Manners without the Mayhem, in the comfort of your own home.

NO scolding, shocking, yelling or yanking


Positive Reinforcement: Treats, Toys, Praise, Reward

Private, Customized Lessons & Personal Coaching

Compassionate and effective teaching

Certified, Professional Dog Trainer

Lifetime support, fun lessons, life skills


Moments in Training

If your dog is a "before" right now,

take a breath and picture them as an "after."

It is possible.

Maxy leaves Mom's food alone.

August sits politely instead of jumping on a guest.

Rocky stops pulling to walk nicely next to Dad.

Your Trainer - Ann Danner

You get me. No substitutes.

Hi! I'm so happy you found me!

My training methods reflect my belief that dogs are more like us than we think. They think, have desires, concerns and feelings. And they learn best like we do, with positive reinforcement.

We just have a communication gap.

Studies are showing that dogs do think a lot like we do and we can bridge that communication gap for better behavior and easier relationships.

Positive reinforcement does not mean your dog gets to do what they want. It does mean that your dog will want to do what you ask, happily, without force or fear.

That's where I come in. Whether your dog is fearful, reactive, distracted, disobedient, or just learning, I'll guide you both to success with proven methods - methods you would want to be used on you.

See the About page for more information and my professional credentials.


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