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"SCOOP THE OOPS" - Chews & Toys

Takes George a couple of weeks to work through one of these.

Rocker shape lets Dog hold it for easier chewing.

Shape allows easier



Play, Exercise, Impulse Control Training. My favorite brand for this toy.

Fill it with kibble, top with peanut butter or cream cheese! Freeze it.

Fill the kong with kibble or treats FIRST. Leave an inch or so at the top and cap it with this!  For extra fun, freeze it!

Is your dog bored? Are you too busy to play? A fun way to feed a meal! Rubber, so it's quiet on hard floors.

I usually count the lifespan of stuffies in minutes. THIS one lasted MONTHS!

Nosework. Mental stimulation. Break for you. Enrichment or slower feeding. Rumor says 10 mins of this = 1 hr of walking.

Great for playing gentle tug with puppies. Hands can stay away from the danger zone.

Yard Soccer/Herding

Rocker shape allows for easier chewing.

Stands on its own for easier chew position.

Some like the hoof. Others just like the filling. Some like both!

Yard Soccer/Herding

(Chewers may damage the handle)

"PAY THE YAY" - Pouches & Treats

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE treat ‘pouch’! Hang from leash, waistband or belt, treats drop right out. Leave on on the leash and get another for inside training.

Lots of flavors. Dogs LOVE these! If you’re worried about calories, each O only has 4 calories and they’re easy to break into 4 pieces.

High Value Treats – the beef TRIPE and the salmon ones smell. Bad. Your dog will probably love them more. 😆

Cheese made easy! High value. Freeze dried so no ick when you take it on a walk. Also, liver, chicken, salmon, lamb, turkey and beef and cheese together!

Slip into a pocket as you head out on a walk. Large, flat, no residue, tear into as many smaller pieces

as you need.

OMG-value treats. Cut easily. A little residue – not as much as a hotdog. Dogs LOVE!!

Freeze-dried liver. High Value Treat

Beef lung. SUPER High Value for most dogs.

Treat pouch – Easy to get into but won’t dump treats.

Affordable and soft. Break up to get 8 treats from 1 bone.


Flexible cup, lock prevents leaks. Adjustable strap.

(Fits Bulldog snoot.)

Holder has a small pouch perfect for keys, card or a few treats.

Quiet Pet Water Fountain

REPLACEMENT Filters for the fountain! It took forever to find these!

"CONTROL THE GOAL" - Management

Retractable gate

that works indoor, outdoor, on stairs, doorways, banisters and more.

No drilling required.

Safety first! Car harness. Crate travel is safest, but if that doesn’t work for you, a harness is your best bet. This one easily attaches to a seatbelt.

Safety and comfort!

A collar loose enough

to go over the head

but when pulled,

tightens to neck


Brilliant FRONT closure!

No more wrestling tiny feet into tiny holes.

Lay it over pup’s back and velcro underneath!

No escape too.

Leash attaches at front, top or both.

Many find this harness to be a game-changer.

Good management tool

that allows the cat to have free roam.

Retractable gate.

Hardware included for securing to walls.

Have a bigger gap?

This retractable gate may do the trick.

Track your

dog’s location

and activity!


Use your shower for dog bathing! Attaches to shower head.

Put on tub wall to distract during bath time.

THIS brand! Great for grooming, petting, bonding, scratching. George LOVES!

For TINY dogs. This lightweight harness sits on the shoulders and VELCROs under!

Inside potty solution. Uses pads for easy cleanup.

Give your dog words!

I can show you how to help them help you understand!

Or see “How Stella Learned to Talk” (below)


Water Collar

Keeps head above water

DOGMATICS2315 at checkout for 15% off!

ANY of these! Depending on what needs treatment. Works fast!

Potty Bells! Ever missed it when your dog sat by the door to ask to go out? Bells can be heard when you’re in another room!


Video your training! One of my BEST purchases! Credit card size transforms into a stand for your phone.


Excellent insight into how dogs signal each other (and us).

A quick read for parents of shy, skittish or reactive dogs.

Troubleshoot housebreaking issues.


An informative, thoughtful and fun read.

What does your dog REALLY want?

How to make life even better for and with your dog.

If you just want to FEEL GOOD.

Easy, uplifting read.

Super sweet 1-2 page stories.

A fun workbook to help you clear out the life clutter so you have more space for the things you LOVE!

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